Charles Richard Coburn, also know as “FEALART”, is a self-taught artist from Cincinnati’ Ohio. Despite having a troubled childhood, living in a family of divorce, experiencing the effects of mental illness, and addiction has found a way to lift the black shroud of pain and depression - through art!

After dropping out of college at the age of 19, “FEALART” began to chase his dream of becoming a successful artist. In preparation for this journey, he spent long nights and early mornings researching books of anatomy, history, and the arts. His interest in the anatomy of the human body and his passion for finding true love and happiness is showcased in his work throughout the years. “FEALART” became obsessed with the notion to get better and better, forever evolving his skills as an artist by creating as much work as possible. One inspiration that remained replaying, on continuous loop, was the 1996 Basquiat film. This inspiration led to the creation of figures, outlined in crude dark lines - to now, creating paintings that look almost life - like.

Now at the age of 25, he has found true love and happiness. In his latest series “Lost Lovers”, “FEALART” takes us on his wild journey of finding true love. The two lost lovers find one another in what seems to be another dimension. Traveling vast distances through space and time, their undeniable love and lust for one another has brought them together at last.